Social Studies

Goals and Objectives

The Social Studies Department hopes to foster interest in the past and present to prepare our students for the future.  Our courses offer a diverse look into the events and personalities that shaped our world. The focus of each class is not necessarily pointed toward rote memorization but on understanding situations as well as the causes and consequences of actions. As much as possible we attempt to integrate technology into this process. All students utilize individual ChromeBooks for research and writing. Teachers all utilize Google Classroom as well as have projectors in classroom to enhance learning. Primary sources are applied to supplement student’s understanding of secondary material whenever it is appropriate.

We offer:

AP US Government and Politics

American Government

American Music History

*Career Psychology/Development


*History of Latin America

*Middle East History


*United States History

World History

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*Denotes courses partnered through the Lewis and Clark Community College High School Partnership program  Students can receive college credit by passing the course and the required L&C online tests administered at MCHS.