Artwork on Campus



Some works of art are originals to our building when established in 1927 and still proudly displayed today.  Below are only a few of the noteworthy pieces of art within our walls.


Our school's main entrance houses two original murals painted by Max Autenrieb, who traveled from Germany in the 1920's to paint custom murals at St. Boniface in Edwardsville, IL.  The murals were most recently cleaned and restored for the school's 80th anniversary.

art Another original piece of art to the building in 1927 is this large print of Jesus in Heaven.  This piece used to hang on the large wall in the staircase between the main entrance and the top floor.  It has been stored, cleaned and now hangs again on the large wall of the downward staircase from the main entrance on the way to the gym/commons.

The chapel inside Marquette is where you'll find two 1856 original oil paintings by DM Carter (1827-1881).  They are both works of oil on canvas and measure 32" x 37". 

Both pieces were donated to the school by the Hales-Conway Family.


The "Our Lady of Marquette" statue was added to the grounds in 1954.  It was housed in the outdoor courtyard for many years until the recent renovation of our gym and commons area. 

During the renovations, our Blessed Mother statue was sandblasted and restored to its permanent indoor location within the commons.


Other Artwork on Campus