Compliance and Disclosures


All faculty and staff members must abide by the Marquette Catholic High School Code of Conduct in line with the Illinois Educators Code of Ethics. This establishes that all faculty and staff members must maintain a professional relationship with all students, including the expectations for staff-student boundaries, recognizing the age and developmental level of the students served, and the following items:


  • Contact with students outside of school must be through school appropriate communications (i.e. school email, Remind App, or other trackable applications – not text messaging, Snap Chat, or other similar applications)
  • Transportation of students should only be done in two capacities. The first is through a school sponsored trip with a school bus (blue bus or yellow bus). The second is with parental consent to and from school
  • Social Media, Photographs, and/or Video exchanges, sharing, or mingling with students is strictly prohibited
  • Meeting students outside of the professional environment is strictly prohibited


All faculty and staff are required to have employee training related to child abuse and educator ethics and are required to report any abuse, neglect, or sexual misconduct, as defined by the state of Illinois as any act, including, but not limited to, any verbal, nonverbal, written, or electronic communication or physical activity by an employee or agent of the school with a student that is directed toward or with a student to establish a romantic or sexual relationship.


Violations of this Code of Conduct can result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from employment.