Academic Advising

Marquette Catholic High School has a very active and involved guidance department, providing many services to our students. Not only do our counselors provide academic advice regarding course selection and scheduling, they also educate the students about lifestyle choices. In addition, the counselors provide both group and individual consultations.  The counseling team continues to keep updated on current adolescent issues via workshops, classes, etc.

The Academic Advising Department is divided into three divisions. The Academic Advisor, Elizabeth DeCourcey, coordinates the school's master schedule, oversees the AP and Dual Credit classes, and supervises the Naviance program which helps our students prepare and develop skills necessary to reach their academic goals. Our Freshman-Sophomore counselor, Connor Grumich, and the Junior-Senior counselor, Jessica Vogel, provide individual guidance to assure each student is prepared to continue their academic journey. These three work as a team to ensure that all of the needs of the students are met throughout the school year.

Sophomore students are given the PLAN Test in the Fall.  This test is a prerequisite for the PSAT and ACT.  The PLAN Test shows the strengths and weakness in the student’s academic background, providing information for academic course choices for the future.

Junior year, the PSAT is given to students on a predetermined day set by the National Board.  This continues the testing preparation for the student preparing for the ACT.

The ACT is given nationally on predetermined dates at sites across the nation.  Results are sent to the student and to the school.  The counselor enters the score on each student’s transcript prior to the college application process.

As our students get ready themselves to apply to college, the Academic Department provides guidance and direction for local, state, and national scholarships available.