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  1. Apply, apply, apply! After applying, colleges will want various supplemental/supporting documents that they’ll list in your portal and/or will email you, such as your initial transcript, letters of recommendation, etc. After everything is submitted, they will review your application, and you can start looking for your acceptance letters. Once you get accepted, begin asking about housing applications and scholarship applications. If you are not accepted, see what it will take to get accepted (personal statement, retesting, etc.) You may also consider taking a different route—a junior college.
  2. Midyear: At semester, you may want to request your midyear transcript to be sent if your GPA improves, as this could give you more merit-based scholarships. This is also the time of year that scholarship applications should be coming out. 
  3. Final: At the end of the year, you will need to decide on your post-secondary plans: college or joining the workforce. For college, you will need your final transcript submitted. If you have taken any dual-credit classes, you will need to also request your transcript from Lewis and Clark or any other college you received credit from in the past four years. Contact the colleges to request these transcripts. 

Standardized Test Information:





ACT/SAT Information: ACT—each subject accounts for 25% of composite score: English, Reading, Math, Science. ACT scores can go as high as 36. The SAT is geared toward students who are very dominant in math and English. Each subject accounts for 50% of composite score: English/Reading and math. The SAT goes up to 1600 (800/subject). Both tests now have options for a subject test where students just retake a section they want to do better in. Then some colleges will superscore with that score to get a new composite, but the student must take the complete test before this option is available. Students  are responsible for signing up for the SAT on their own, but the ACT will be administered in the spring of junior year at MCHS.

Important Information:

(NCAA Eligibility)

(NAIA Eligibility)

FAFSA & Financial Aid Contact: Catherine Throm is our ISAC representative. She is a great resource for both Missouri and Illinois students. [email protected] 

Junior-Senior counselor, Jessica Vogel

Class of 2024

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