Language Arts

English Program

Goals and Objectives

The English Department seeks to instill in students an affinity for language and a mastery of it by acquainting them with challenging literature and by encouraging them to explore their capacity for self-expression.

The program seeks to foster an appreciation for and sensitivity to language and literature to expand student awareness. The literature experience will broaden and expand oral and written communications.

The English program seeks to achieve the following:

  • to introduce students to the humanistic, moral, and aesthetic values of literature
  • to help students achieve proficiency in both reading and writing
  • to develop reflective students capable of understanding, analyzing, and evaluating
    challenging texts
  • to foster the ability to communicate ideas precisely
  • to enlarge vocabulary and to attain proficiency in spelling, grammar, and basic writing skills
  • to provide students with aesthetic and creative experiences.Requirement: An English course is required in each of the four years.