Goals and Objectives

The goals of the Mathematics Department are to offer a complete high school mathematics curriculum for the college-bound student and to instill an appreciation for the world of mathematics.


  1. To develop logical and creative approaches to problem-solving.
  2. To develop facility in applying basic mathematical concepts.
  3. To stimulate clarity and precision in language usage.
  4. To encourage an appreciation for the deductive nature of mathematics
  5. To guide the student in selecting courses that allow him/her maximum achievement for his/her abilities, needs and interests.
  6. To use technology effectively and appropriately.*
  7. To ensure a smooth transition to mathematics courses at the college level.

*Calculators for all students are not required at this time; however TI-NSPIRE CAS CX graphing calculators are required for juniors and seniors taking Math IV AP, and AP Calculus. Graphing calculators are available for the other classes. Students will use various computer software programs in connection with mathematical topics displayed on the classroom interactive Polyvision boards.

The math department attempts to meet the mathematical needs of our students.  We achieve this goal by offering different levels of mathematics. In so doing, we hope the students will find the pace and depth most suited to their abilities. We offer courses that give students the opportunity for five full units of study. Three units of credit are required for graduation at the College Prep A & B levels, four units are required to graduate with honors. The Advanced Program** is offered to accelerate study, thereby allowing students to register for AP Calculus in their senior year.  This program is available to students that pass a prerequisite test.

Option A:         Basic Algebra               Algebra 1      Geometry       Algebra 2 (elective)

Option B:         Algebra 1                      Geometry             Algebra 2           PreCalc

Option C:         Honors Algebra 1          Honors Geometry         Honors Algebra 2       PreCalc

Option D**:      Alg.1/Alg 2        Honors Geometry        Honors PreCalc (AP)          AP Calculus

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