CEO- Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities (Senior Class)

Riverbend CEO is an entrepreneurship class for high school seniors.  This unique program gives students real-life, hands-on business opportunities.  The program is funded by local businesses and accepts high school senior from three schools:  Marquette Catholic, Alton, and East Alton/Wood River High Schools.  Over the course of their senior year, students will meet daily in local businesses.  They get to hear presentations from about 40 business people as well as tour approximately 40 local businesses.  As they learn from adults in the business community, students get to put their knowledge to work as they start their own small business.  Each student who completes the program will have a product or service to market to the Riverbend community at the annual Riverbend CEO Trade Show.  The students earn 3 credit hours per semester of college credit with Lewis and Clark Community College.

business class


This course is designed to introduce students to marketing in business.  Topics include defining marketing, examining the social responsibilities of marketing, understanding the basics, identifying and planning responses to competition, recognizing the influence of social media and e-commerce in marketing, setting pricing, identifying needs, advertising, and managing marketing risk. [Elective at junior or senior level]
(One semester-.05 credit)

Personal Finance

This course is designed to establish the importance that personal finance has on the future success of students.  Topics will include spending, saving and investing, debt and credit management, goal-setting, tax and interest rates, and budgeting.  Students will develop relevant proficiency in individual financial planning and management. [Required at junior or senior level]
(One semester-.05 credit)