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MCHS 2020-2021 Missouri Bus Information 

Thursday August 20th is the first day of school as well as our first day of bus service.  The bus service will follow similar procedures as we have in the past with a few changes.  The details of our Missouri bus service are as follows;

  1. The cost for our bus transportation is $60 per month.  Bills need to be paid on the 5th day of each new month.
  2. The pick up location and time will remain the same.  We will pick up in the Chick Fil A/McDonald’s parking lot (old Kmart parking lot) at Lindbergh and New Halls Ferry.  The pickup time will continue to be 7:15 a.m. with a departure from this location at 7:35 a.m. 
  3. This year we are anticipating 60+ students riding our buses.  With those numbers and to maintain Covid-19 regulations, we will send 2 large school buses each morning.
  4. The afternoon drop off points will be as follows;
  1. St. Louis County Library (Lindbergh/Robbins Mill Rd) – Bus 1
  2. Old Kmart parking lot (Lindbergh/New Halls Ferry Rd) – Bus 1 
  3. Culver’s and Popeye’s parking lots (Lindbergh/ almost to Patterson) – Bus 2
  4. Walgreen’s parking lot (New Halls Ferry/ Vaile Ave) – Bus 2
  1. The afternoon buses will leave approximately 10 minutes after the bell rings signaling the end of our school day.  Therefore, most days we dismiss at 2:57 and our buses will leave campus at approximately 3:07.  On a White B schedule (dismissal at 12:33), the bus will leave at approximately 12:45. 
  2. Please remind your students that while riding our buses they are subject to the same rules and policies as when they are here in the building or at any other MCHS school function.
  3. If there is ever a conflict/problem and the bus is going to be more than a few minutes late, please be assured that you will receive an “all call” phone message notifying you of you the delay.  The “all call” will go out if the bus is anticipated to be more than 15-20 minutes late. 
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