Required Parent Service Hours

With years of continued enrollment growth, continuously expanding performing and fine arts programs, excellence on the athletic fields and most importantly - in the classroom, we owe our success to dedicated faculty, engaged parents, inspiring students and the continued support of many donors.



Below you will find the available sign up links for current service hour opportunities. Click on the link to go to the active SignUpGenius page.  Past event links will expire and will not be accessible, so please make note of your hours on your Parent Service Tracking Form for your records.

Please check back periodically for a list of sign up links. All service opportunity links will be posted here.


10 hours per family, per school year. Note: the requirement is per family, not per student. Those with more than one student attending Marquette at the same time are still only required to complete 10 hours.


Hours may be completed by parents, grandparents, siblings who are 18 and older and not a current Marquette student, guardians, aunts and uncles, and other close family members who may be approved by the school. Hours may not be completed by a current student as current students already have service hour requirements.


Hours must be completed at an eligible Marquette event which may include but not be limited to Mega Raffle events, Auction Dinner, concessions and clean up at games, plays and music performances, Explorer Classic Golf Tournament, Sporting Clay Event, Trivia Night, Development Office administrative support, Explorer Club events, MCHS Foundation service, School Board service, in-kind services and other service that may be approved from time to time by the Administration.


Hours will be recorded by the Development Office after receiving verification from event leaders or staff who will record volunteer hours at each event. You should always record the time, date and event hours worked in case of a discrepancy.
Yes. More than 200 families of existing students typically sell Mega Raffle tickets every year. Selling Mega Raffle tickets will earn credit toward the volunteer service hour requirement according to the following formula:

At least 4 Tickets Sold = 3 Service Hours 
At least 10 Tickets Sold = 5 Service Hours 
At least 25 Tickets Sold = 7 Service Hours 
At least 50 Tickets Sold = 10 Service Hours

Opportunities will be announced at Explorer Club meetings, through the Marquette Facebook page, in weekly emails sent out by Mrs. Crafton or Mrs. Hough and posted on the Marquette website
Most volunteer slots will be available for signup online through “Sign Up Genius”. Links will be available in the weekly emails, on our website and announced via Facebook. Parents may also sign up via hard copy forms available through the Development Office and the Explorer Club.
No, all families are required to complete the 10-hour requirement regardless of whether they may receive financial aid or merit scholarships.
In support of the Marquette motto “I Will Serve” we encourage parents to work the required volunteer hours instead of choosing the buyout option. Volunteer support allows parents to meet other parents, interact with Marquette staff, learn more about what takes place at the school while also fostering the “Marquette Family” culture. Parents who wish to exercise the “buyout” option will pay a fee of $250.
We encourage you to work the hours required. However, you may buy down your hours at a prorated rate of $25 per hour.
Families who don’t complete the required 10 hours by the end of the Spring Semester will receive a bill in the mail.
Although rare, MCHS realizes situations occur which cause hardships. Marquette does not want to place additional burdens on families experiencing a difficult time. Life events such as a death in the family, illness or similar situation will be considered on a case by case basis. Families should first discuss their issue with the Development Office who will try to work out an alternative opportunity to complete the required hours, or in rare situations, may waive the requirement. In the event the Development Office and the family cannot agree on an alternative service opportunity the family may be referred to the Principal for discussion about additional options.
No. In recognition of the numerous hours faculty, staff, coaches and other school personnel give above and beyond what they are compensated for, MCHS will waive their service hour requirement.
If a parent served on a committee through which they provided service hours far and above the 10-hour requirement in two consecutive years their requirement may be waived, at the request of the parent, in future years.

Example: Parent John Doe chaired the Auction Dinner Committee when his daughter was a freshman. This committee work required dozens of volunteer hours to complete a successful fundraiser. If Mr. Doe completed the same service in his daughter’s sophomore year the Doe family would not be required to complete service hours in his daughter’s junior and senior year.

Note: Many MCHS committees require knowledge and expertise such that the success of the event requires continuity year over year. If all those serving on committees only served one year the events would be negatively impacted.

If you have questions in addition to those above please feel free to contact the Development Office at 618-463-0585 ext. 1 or email Mary Hough.