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Bus Registration


Marquette Catholic High School North County Bus Permission Form 

My child/children will be using the bus transportation provided by Marquette Catholic High School. I understand that it is our responsibility make a $70 deposit by the 5th of each month to ensure that the balance remains paid. If at any the amount owed for transportation falls more than $100 behind the student will no longer be permitted to utilize our bus system.

Your student(s) will be billed on a monthly basis. Students who do not utilize the bus for transportation on any given month will either have $70 credit for the next month or be reimbursed at the request of the parent/guardian.

If your child/children are not at the pick-up location at the designated time, or at the bus location following the school day, Marquette will assume you have made other plans for transportation that day. 

Please submit a separate form for each student. Forms must be submitted by September 1, 2023


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