Catholic Schools Week

Everyone has the opportunity to participate in our Catholic Schools Week BINGO! game. Please find the BINGO! outline for the week and a sample of the BINGO! card below.


Students who will be attending in-person need to pick up their official BINGO! card Monday/Tuesday morning at the temperature stations or in the Commons. In-person students may not use the attached card.


Any virtual/quarantined student who would like to participate can contribute charity items or dress down. If virtual students want to, I can do a Google Meet check-in and keep real BINGO! cards in my office and stamp them for you. You must make a BINGO! on the card in order to be entered into the drawings.


This year we will have a drawing for each class for a $25 Amazon gift card. All students who have a BINGO! will also be entered into the grand prize which is a basket of gift cards valued over $150!


If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Mattix-Wand.


Here’s the run-down for Monday & Tuesday:

1) Pick up your BINGO! card.

2) Doughnuts will be available in the Commons.

3) Wear a shirt from your church or grade/middle school. Uniform bottoms must be worn.

4) Start collecting BINGO! stamps.