Planned Gift

Your Legacy Can Be Accomplished Through a Planned Gift

Did you know a planned gift can not only provide a charitable gift to Marquette but also preserve the assets you worked a lifetime to build? You can still provide for your children, spouse or grandkids, guarantee an income stream for the remainder of your lifetime and establish your legacy through a gift to Marquette. 

Here are a few ways you can make a Planned Gift

Gifts by Will
Make a gift that costs nothing now. Include a provision in your will to provide the amount you wish Marquette to receive upon your death (a "bequest"). Please contact the Development Office to notify Marquette of your intentions. 

Gifts That Pay You Income
Provide income for yourself and your loved ones while also supporting Marquette. Example, the Smith family wants to make a significant gift to Marquette but are worried about having income for the remainder of their lives. The Smith's establish a Charitable Remainder Trust which places an amount designated by the Smith's in a trust. The trust then pays the Smith's income from the principle for the remainder of their lifetime. Upon the Smith's passing, the remaining ("remainder") trust is passed to Marquette. 

Gifts That Protect Your Assets
Lead trusts allow you to support Marquette Catholic now, then your heirs. Example, the Smith family sets up a trust with $1,000,000 and designates that 5% ($50,000) of the assets will be donated to Marquette annually for 15 years. At the end of the 15 year period, the assets of the trust are now transferred to a non-Marquette entity, usually a family member. This allows the donor to support Marquette but also preserve their assets for their family members. To learn more, click here.
Gifts from Retirement Plans
Providing a gift to Marquette through an IRA, 403b, 401K, Keogh or profit sharing plan can provide you more significant tax savings while at the same time benefiting Marquette.  
What to Give
Giving cash offers a tax deducation, but assets such as stocks offer additional tax savings. Cash, checks, real estate, stock and retirement plans all offer help to Marquette while achieving signifcant tax savings. Contact your CPA to discuss exact tax savings. Contact the Development Office to discuss your gift, espcially if you need help transferring stock.