Graphic Standards

Marquette’s Graphic Identity

Marquette Catholic High School in Alton, IL was established in 1927. In that time MCHS has not only provided a college prep education to thousands of students but also played a defining role in the lives of tens of thousands of members of the Marquette family including graduates, parents of alumni, donors and friends. This family and the overall Marquette experience are invaluable.

This Marquette experience is represented visually through our graphic identities. The Marquette brand truly is more than a logo or a color. Branding creates a visual standard that communicates consistency and strength and represents our institution to the world. The Graphic Committee’s purpose is to create a manual that clearly states the proper design and use of the MCHS brand and all of its identifiable marks. By providing this document (download below), we display our marks and communicate their proper use. By formalizing our brand, the same core message of excellence associated with Marquette since its inception will be insured. If at any time there are questions about proper use or design, please contact the Marquette branding office for clarification and approval for use at [email protected].

Click Here for the Graphic Standards Document