29th Annual John Rogers Explorer Classic

A Flight  
1st Place Team Brandon Waters, Marc Vaughn, Chris Miller, Steve Carey
2nd Place Team Nick Darr, Mike Pryor, Tim Wieckhorst, Jeff Evans
3rd Place Team Mike Adams, Lendell Phelps, James Roth, Phil Caravia
B Flight  
1st Place Team Greg Roth, Bryan Bechtold, Mike Fahnestock, Tim Fahnestock
2nd Place Team Cory Dempsey, Tony Jercinovic, Ryan Hill, Steve Belden
3rd Place Team Dan Wiedman, Joan Wiedman, Jessica Fowler, Mary Rivera
C Flight  
1st Place Team Marty Carrow, Mark Kratschmer, Rich Lauschke, David Lauschke
2nd Place Team Andrew Eads, Tony Friedel, Mark Barton, Kenny Bast
3rd Place Team Mike Aug, Eric Pruitt, Rich Pruitt, David Pruitt
Closest to the Pin  
#5 Team Schwartzkopf
#8 (Duke Donut Hole) Phil Caravia
#12 (50/50) Lendell Philps
#16 Rick Jacobs
Longest Drive  
Men Tim Chartrand
Women Mary Rivera
Putting Contest  
Skins Winner  
A Flight Todd Neilson Team & Brandon Waters Team
B Flight Doug St. Peters Team
C Flight Marty Carrow Team
Please contact Mary Hough in the Development Office to collect your prize.
618-463-0585 ext 1 or email