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2023 ROSTER 

Kambria Simon SR
Macy Stevenson SR
Jaidyn Moore SR
Allison Wooden SR
Grace Schwegel JR
Grace Stoverink JR
Alana Taylor SO
Lexi Stevenson FR
Hope Seymour FR
Jaelyn Slow FR

The MCHS Dance team performs at all home football and basketball games and competes in Class A division with IDTA and IHSA from December-February. The team also participates in local community events throughout the year such as festivals, parades, and charity and school events.

Tryouts are held twice a year - March/April and October


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Explorers' Dance Team Once Again Qualifies For IDTA State Competition


The Marquette Catholic High School dance team posses for a photo after winning their first regional competition back on Dec. 4.
The Marquette Catholic High School dance team posses for a photo after winning their first regional competition back on Dec. 4.


ALTON - For the second year in a row the Marquette Catholic High School dance team has qualified for the Illinois Drill Team Association (IDTA) state competition.

This comes after winning first place in both the lyrical and jazz routines at the Edwardsville IDTA Regional last weekend.

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Junior Kambria Simon received the Rising Star Award. Only six girls in the entire competition received that honor.

The State Finals take place next month with the schedule being released on Feb. 5.


Junior Kambria Simon with her Rising Star Award.
Junior Kambria Simon with her Rising Star Award.



The entire team poses after winning two categories at the Edwardsville IDTA Regional.
The entire team poses after winning two categories at the Edwardsville IDTA Regional.



Sammy Fumagalli Changes Lives, Guides Her Marquette Girls To State Dance Title

ALTON - Sammy Fumagalli has changed lives since she became the Marquette Catholic dance coach in the 2018-2019 school year and this year with her assistant coach Julianne Fears to a Class 1A Illinois Drill Team Association (IDTA) State Championship.


Sammy Fumagalli
Sammy Fumagalli
Sammy is a 2014 Marquette Catholic graduate and also a grad of Missouri State University-Springfield, Mo. She was a member of The Sugar Bears, Missouri, State's dance team.


These were her team's finishes in the Class 1A IDTA Competition - 2022:

First Place - Jazz

First Place - Lyrical

First Place - Overall Grand Champions

First Place - High Point Champions

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Sammy said when she started coaching the Marquette dance team four years ago, she had a lot to learn as far as directing the squad. Now, Sammy's girls are the best in the state in their category.

“I was excited to see what God's plan was,” she said. “Throughout the four years, there have been ups and downs. Every setback was a chance to learn and move forward. Every year we got closer and closer as a team and created some amazing memories and friendships."

Marquette Catholic Athletic Director Brian Hoener said he believes Sammy does a great job with the Explorers' girls dance team with her assistant Julianne Fears.

“Sammy is very passionate about our dance program and building a program that can be successful and where the girls can have fun," Hoener said. "It is evident with what she has built with the girls. I couldn’t be happier and more proud of her and the girls. Both of our coaches, Sammy and Julianne, are younger coaches and do a great job relating to our kids. They also help guide the kids through their homework, social life and the girls talk and relate to both her and Juliana about their challenges.”

The Marquette Catholic dance coach makes sure the girls are involved in the community as they participate in festivals, parades, charity events, and special school activities.

With modern technology, Sammy continued to coach the girls after she moved to Austin, Texas, from afar.

“We had a lot going on this year but we made it work…nothing beats practices with me screaming through a laptop on zoom," she said. "No matter what sport you’re familiar with, it’s always admirable when a team attains something great in the midst of so many potential distractions.”

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Marquette Catholic Dance Team Is Best In State In Class A Division


ALTON - In high school, a primary concentration for many students is the pursuit of growth in what they love to do. The Greek philosopher Epictetus once wrote, “you become what you give your attention to,” and Marquette Catholic’s dance team decided to give their full attention to becoming champions from the beginning of the 2021-2022 season. Recently at the past state finals, Marquette took home the title of state champions in 1A Jazz, 1A Lyrical, and 1A Grand Champions.


For over a decade, Marquette has been highly regarded in statewide competitions. Marquette's last state title was in the 2006 season.

Aligning with the team’s intrinsically competitive nature, not only did they reclaim their position, but they topped it. The title of Grand Champions isn’t a status the team has experienced before, and their coach, Sammy Fumagalli, said it is “amazing.”

The key to this achievement was a combination of structure, dedication, and a strong team bond. Since Fumagalli took on the job four years ago, she’s witnessed these dancers grow in not only their dancing ability but also as young women. She sees the importance of being the dancers’ friend and counselor in conjunction with her duties as a coach. Outside of the studio, many of the dancers maintained close social relationships which strengthened the connection between them and contributed to stronger buy-in across the ranks.

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“Moving into this 2021-2022 year I had a really good feeling," Coach Fumagalli said. "I could see the passion in this team and the talent they had. I knew from the beginning this team was going to do big things. I reminded my girls this all the time because I wanted them to believe it themselves."

The Marquette Catholic dance team girls have worked an entire year for the opportunity to compete in the state, the coach said.

“These girls spend up to 9-10 hours every single week practicing and perfecting routines while still managing to keep up with academics and their personal life,” she added. “They are incredible motivators to each other and have poured a lot into this year."


ROSTER 2021-2022

Tristin Fraley Senior  
Allie Hunn Senior  
Carmen Isringhausen Senior  
Sophie Bunch Junior  
Amari Hawkins Junior  
Nicole Meine Junior  
Rachel Rummerfield Junior  
Lily Thaxton Junior  
Jaidyn Moore Sophomore  
Kambria Simon Sophomore  
Macy Stevenson Sophomore  
Allison Wooden Sophomore  
Grace Schwegel Freshman  
Grace Stoverink Freshman


Megan Stevenson


Sarah Harnetiaux

Senior Night 2023-24

8 Count Audio Coach of the Year | Southern IL 1A


Assistant Coach

Julianne Fears

Class 1A IDTA State Champions

1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2022, 2023, 2024

Class 1A IDTA Competition- 2024

1st Place | Lyrical
2nd Place | Jazz

Competition - Belleville Regional 2023

1st Place | Lyrical Division

Class 1A IDTA Competition- 2022

1st Place | Jazz
1st Place | Lyrical
1st  Over All Grand Champions
1st High Point Champions

Competition - Edwardsville Regional 2022

1st Place | Lyrical Division

Class 1A IDTA Competition - 2021

3rd Place | Naperville

Competition - Althoff 2021

1st Place | Lyrical Division