2023 Academic Awards

CLASS of 2023

Silver Medallion Recipients

The Silver Medallion has been awarded to area students since 1988. Students recognized are in the top 8% of their school's graduating class. 
silver medallion winners
(left to right) Paige Bradley, Olivia Kratschmer, Andrew Roth, Breanna Gaither, Jackson Pranger,
Rachel Rummerfield, Dre Davis, Hayley Williams, Nathan Bennett, Kelsie Steib


Illinois State Scholars

The Illinois State Scholar program is awarded to high school seniors based on ACT or SAT test scores and the sixth semester* class size and unweighted class rank and Grade Point Average (GPA)

illinois state scholars

(left to right) Nathan Bennett, Paige Bradley (MO)*, Andrew Roth, Juliana Barnerd, Nicholas Warren (MO)*

*designates our students who reside in Missouri that meet or exceed the qualifications the ISAC use to designate State Scholars.

Click here to read more about organization, the ISAC (Illinois Student Assistant Commission), that presents the Illinois State Scholarship Award, .