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Once Upon a Mattress is a whimsical musical retelling of the Hans Christian Anderson story, The Princess and the Pea, but it's not quite the childhood story we all know and love. A kingdom under the rule of a powerful, yet scheming Queen who will not allow anyone to marry until her son, the prince, has found a genuine princess. One day a Princess from the swamps arrives to the kingdom and changes everything. There are many unique characters to take you along this musical journey of an old story made new with music by Mary Rodgers! We invite you to join us on the Ruth Klaus stage April 21, 22, 23!
once upon a mattress

Cast and Crew

Princess #12
Lady Larken
Queen Aggravain
Prince Dauntless

King SexImus the Silent 


Sir Studley 

Sir Luce 

1st Knight 

2nd Knight 

1st Lady in WaiIng – Rowena 

2nd Lady in WaiIng – Merrill 
3rd Lady in WaiIng – Lucille

Sir Harry 

Princess Winnifred 

Lady Marelle 

Lady Beatrice 

Ensemble Knights 


Cierra Mondaine 

Morgan Hornsey 

Lorna Zanders 

Alyssa Reed 

Elizabeth Guenther 

Sam Ward 

Erin Schwartz 

Edie Tesson 

Marcus Wade 

Addison Gallagher 

Bella Monroe 

China Carey 

Hailey Wacker 

Alyssa Converse 

Samantha Booth 

Rodger Zawodniak 

Juliana Barnerd 

Samantha Booth 

Nola Effinger 

MaShaeus Riegerix, Genesis Showers, Addison Gallagher, China Carey, Bella Monroe 



Backstage Crew List:

Jordyn Dase

Jimmy Wacker

Anna Bridegroom 

Sophie Moore

Jacob Rose

Patrice Broyles

Ella Maher 

Tech Crew List:

Luke Schwegel

Michael Grace

Jason Conklin

Lauren Maher

Max Clary

Patrice Broyles


cast cast smiling