75th Annual Gallatin Awards

Congratulations to our Marquette Explorers Owen Williams, Parker Macias, Abby Williams, and Chloe White for being nominated for the Gallatin Players of the Year awards for the 2021-22 season.
Boys MVP
Adrian Elliott - Alton
Sam Buckley - CM
Seth Slayden- EAWR
Owen Williams - MCHS
Aiden Briggs - Roxana
Girls MVP
Kiyoko Proctor - Alton
Kelbie Zupan - CM
Emily Johnson - EAWR
Chloe White - MCHS
Lexie Ryan - Roxana
Boys 110 Percent
Itzel Brown - Alton
Dalton Buhs - CM
Jakob Gerber - EAWR
Parker Macias - MCHS
Evan Wells - Roxana
Girls 110 Percent
Jarius Powers - Alton
Aubree Wallace - CM
Ocean Bland - EAWR
Abby Williams - MCHS
Kensley Mouser - Roxana

Winners of the Gallatin Awards

2021-2022 Season
Parker Macias (Best Free Throw Shooter), Abby Williams (110% Award), and Owen Williams (MVP Award)

The 2019 player awards recipients were: Alton’s Donovan Clay and CM’s Anna Hall for POY, Marquette’s Chris Hartrich and EA-WR’s LeighAnn Nottke for 110 percent, CM’s Bryce Zupan and Kourtland Tyus for the free throw awards and the Roxana boys and Marquette girls captured the team sportsmanship awards.

The Riverbend Basketball Awards committee consists of Bill Roseberry, Steve Porter, Joe Silkwood, Frank Akers, Trish Holmes and Tim Lowrance.


2018 - Sammy Green of Marquette Catholic and Kaylee Eaton of CM

2016  - Shandon Boone of Marquette Catholic and Allie Troeckler of CM

2014 - Deion Lavender of Marquette Catholic and Megan Trost of CM

2004 — Nick Certa of Marquette Catholic and Emily Best of EA-WR

2003 — Nick Certa of Marquette Catholic and Jordan Davis of Roxana

2000 — Demarko “Book” Snipes of Alton and Michelle Beiermann of Marquette Catholic

1999 — Demarko "Book" Snipes of Alton and Kendra Snyder of Marquette Catholic

1998 — Tony Certa of Marquette Catholic and DoBee Oros-Moore of Alton

1995 — Greg McDanel of Roxana and Erica Oge of Marquette Catholic

1994 — Eric Frankford of CM and Amie Gernigan of Marquette Catholic

1992 - Brad Bohannon of Marquette Catholic

1988 - Steve Mason of Marquette Catholic

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