Next Stop Sectionals | March 6

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Special congrats to Nolan Rae and Nova Silliman on their 3rd place finish in Chemistry.

Congratulations to Gabe Dizon and Lydia Reed who placed 1st and 2nd in Physics respectively.

Congrats to Ben Moginot and Hunter Gonzalez who place first and second in Biology, respectively

Congrats to Ben Moginot and Lydia Reed who place 1st and second in Chemistry

And finally, congratulations to Tristan Johnson who placed 1st in English. Great Job!!!


WYSE team

Pictured Left to Rt: Tristan Johnson; Ben Moginot; Nova Silliman; Hunter Gonzalez; Claudia Walch; Nolan Rae; Katie Hartsock; Gabe Dizon; Lydia Reed; Jake Rummerfield; Ronan Stork

Good luck at Sectionals in March 6!