Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Program at Marquette Catholic High School provides a process by which students who are experiencing difficulties in areas of behavior, attendance, health, and or academics may be identified and directed to appropriate assistance within the school and/or the community. This process is carried out with compassion, in the image of Jesus Christ, as healer.

SAP was designed as a means to identify and help students who may have concerns that are keeping them from reaching their fullest potential-both personally and educationally.

The program is available to students, concerned family and/or faculty members. It offers a network of available care, both within the school and in the community.

The Primary objective is to increase the ability of the school to enhance student success and respond to students who are not developing to their fullest potential.

If you have concerns about someone you know, please call the Student Assistance Program at MCHS at 463-0580.

*The Marquette Catholic High School Student Assistance Program is coordinated in cooperation with Chestnut Health System and St. Anthony’s Health Center.