Incoming Freshmen Information

Are you an incoming freshmen to Marquette Catholic? Welcome! We are happy to have you joining our family! Please see the buttons below to answer frequently asked questions by incoming freshmen and parents.
Summer Classes
Incoming freshmen to Marquette Catholic High School are encouraged and allowed to take one, two, or all of the following summer classes:

  1. Summer Recreation Physical Education
  2. Summer Fitness Physical Education
  3. Summer Drumline
Marquette Work Scholarship
Incoming freshmen are welcome to apply for the Marquette Work Scholarship. This is a one week work program in the summertime all students may apply to. This is an opportunity to reduce the cost of tuition for the student and is determined based on available funds.
Freshmen Prep Day
Incoming freshmen to Marquette Catholic High School are required to attend the Freshmen Prep Day on Monday, August 15. The Freshmen Prep Day will help to adequately prepare incoming freshmen for the upcoming school year by covering major topics, such as the handbook, scheduling, class location, lunch procedures, and many other items.
Full School Orientation Day
Full school orientation will take place on Tuesday, August 16. Students are expected to be in uniform for this day and will get their school ID pictures taken. Beyond school pictures, freshmen will walk through their schedules, listen to information from the administration, IT Director, Campus Minister, and several others. The order of orientation will proceed as follows:
Sophomores 8:30 to 10:00
Juniors 10:00 to 11:30
Seniors 11:30 to 1:00
Freshmen 12:30 to 3:00
RenWeb Information
RenWeb is the Student Information System (SIS) that Marquette Catholic High School utilizes. This is the primary place for information regarding scheduling, individual classes, grades, and overall communication regarding need to know items.
2022-2023 Schedules
Incoming freshmen were registered for 2022-2023 class schedules at the 8th Grade Registration Day. Any students who were not registered this past spring, or any students hoping to change their schedules, should be in contact with their Academic Adviser (see below for contact information). Within the first two weeks of school each semester, students may elect to add a course or drop a course, or move from Honors to College Prep or College Prep to Honors, with the written permission of the parents or guardians, appropriate adviser, the teacher, and the principal. More information on scheduling is included in the Parent-Student Handbook.
Students will register for their following school year during the spring semester.
Who is my Academic Adviser?
The Academic Adviser for incoming freshmen is Mrs. Robyn Maag. Students who are seeking a change in their schedule, whether to drop a class or add a class, must make an appointment with Mrs. Maag. The Academic Advising Office is available by appointment, which can be scheduled in google classroom within your graduating class page. Furthermore, Mrs. Maag may be reached at [email protected] or 618-463-0580 x 228. Her office is located in the Academic Advising Offices at the west end of the main hallway.
When do Fall Sports Begin?
Fall IHSA Sports officially begin on Monday, August 8, 2022. Summer camps and summer work outs will take place throughout the summer, but are not mandatory. For more information about summer camps or summer work outs, please contact Mr. Hoener ([email protected]) or Mrs. Bridgewater ([email protected]).
Physical Information
All students participating in a sports activity must provide at the start of the season an updated physical and proof-of-insurance coverage for the activity, to the school. The school does provide coverage for a fee. Physical forms should be submitted to the main office secretary or athletic office secretary.


Busing Information
Marquette Catholic High School does provide a busing service for our North County families. The fee for utilizing the bus services is determined at the start of the school year. The fee is charged monthly. If you are interested in utilizing the bus services through Marquette Catholic, please see the following two links:
Drop Off and Pick Up
Drops off times for Marquette Catholic are from 7:15 to 8:00 every morning. Students can be dropped off in front of school, on Fourth Street, or they may be dropped off behind the school on Third Street and enter through the cafeteria or commons doors. Pick up times from Marquette Catholic start at 3:15 on the regular schedule ("A Schedule"). Students can be picked up on Third or Fourth Street.
Lunch Time Routine
Marquette Catholic has a closed campus for lunch. Students must use MCHS cafeteria services or bring their lunch. Microwaves and refrigerators are available for student use. Students shall remain in the cafeteria throughout their lunch period. Students should be aware that classes are being held throughout the building during lunch hours. Our expectation is that they show respect to fellow students who are in class by remaining in the cafeteria and remaining relatively quiet. No food, candy, or soda may be taken out of the cafeteria or students will be subject to a disciplinary consequence. An exception to this rule is water may be consumed in hallways or classrooms as long as the water is in a non-breakable and re-sealable bottle.
Lunch that is purchased from the cafeteria services will be charged through the student ID and will appear on FACTS accounts. Parents can see the items purchased by their children on FACTS as well.
Lockers and Locks
Marquette Catholic High School provides each student with a locker and lock at the beginning of the school year. If a student loses his or her lock, there is a $5.00 charge to replace it. Students may keep backpacks, coats, and/or other belongings in their lockers throughout the day.
Spirit Shop Information
The Spirit Shop sells Marquette Catholic spirit wear and branded items at various times. Every Friday the Spirit Shop is open during lunch hours and at many major events, such as 8th Grade Registration, New Family Gathering, and Back to School Night.
Uniform Policy
Marquette Catholic High School requires a uniform for all students. The minimum for all students is a Marquette approved polo, uniform shorts, pants or skirts, and shoes that meet uniform requirements. There are further requirements for boys and girls and all of these are listed on the Marquette Catholic website at the following link: Parent-Student Handbook
Chromebook Information
Marquette Catholic High School will assign Chromebooks to incoming freshmen on Freshmen Prep Day. Our head of Internet Technology, Mr. Davis, will help to set up Chromebooks and will help troubleshoot any issues that students may have. To reach Mr. Davis, please email him at [email protected]
Marquette Catholic High School uses a combination of hard back books and e-books. The majority of our classes use e-books and these will be loaded onto Chromebooks depending on the classes that a student is enrolled in. If there are any questions about e-books, please contact Mr. Davis at [email protected].
Technology Policy
The Marquette Catholic Technology Policy 
Weekly Mass
Marquette Catholic High School celebrates Mass on a weekly basis (Wednesday - follow G Schedule). Most of these Masses are held in the Marquette Gymnasium. On Holy Days of Obligation, students will walk to St. Mary's Catholic Church (down 4th Street) to celebrate Mass.
All students are expected to attend Mass, behave at Mass, and be respectful of the teachings of the Catholic Church. Any student exhibiting, rude, or distracting behavior will be subject to disciplinary consequences.
Freshmen Retreat
Marquette Catholic High School has a retreat for each class of students annually. The Freshmen Retreat will be held towards the beginning of the school year and is meant to help the Freshmen get to know each other, bond with each other, and celebrate our Catholic faith with each other.
The Marquette Catholic school calendar is listed on the webpage at the following link: School Calendar
Catholic Schools Week
Marquette Catholic High School celebrates Catholic Schools Week with the Diocese of Springfield, usually the last week of January or the first week of February, depending on the calendar. During this week, we will have several days of celebrating our Catholic Schools, including the celebration of Mass, ice skating, St. Baldrick's Day, and a few other events.