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Athletic Code

Student Activity Code

Student activities at Marquette High School are a privilege and not a right.  Students are expected to live up to an acceptable norm of conduct when they represent the school in extracurricular activities.

An activity participant at MCHS is a student who participates in any of the above activities.  Any student activity participant of MCHS will be subject to disciplinary action if he/she commits any of the following violations as reported by law enforcement authorities or school personnel.  Law enforcement reporting will include one or more of the following: issuance of a citation for illegal consumption, illegal possession, illegal transportation by the driver, or illegal transportation by the passenger. (see the double asterisk above).

Also included as student violations are: student use of or possession of tobacco products; student use of, possession of, or distribution of alcohol, marijuana, the abuse of any non-prescription drugs, or the abuse of prescription drugs.

Violation of the activity code is not the same as a violation of the Drug-Testing Policy due to the confidentiality of the latter.

In addition, a Marquette Catholic High School participant is expected to demonstrate excellent conduct in the classroom, in their activity, and in their community.



  1. Tobacco – Suspension from 10% of the contests or activities. This number will be arrived at by taking the total number of games for the entire season plus the first regional game and dividing by 10 and rounding to the nearest whole number.
  2. Alcohol and Drugs – First Offense: Suspension from 25% of the contests or activities.  This number will be arrived at by taking the total number of games for the entire season plus the first regional/state game and dividing by 4 and rounding to the nearest whole number.   Second offense: Suspension from all school activities for one calendar year or at the student’s option 33.3% of the activity with voluntary admission for counseling at a source of the parent’s choosing.  This number will be arrived at by taking the total number of games for the entire season plus the first regional/state game and dividing it by 3 and rounding to the nearest whole number.  If this option is selected, the student would be reinstated at the end of the 33.3% suspension and at the conclusion of counseling.  Third Offense: loss of all extracurriculars.

IF A STUDENT IS NOT CURRENTLY IN AN ACTIVITY, THE PENALTY PHASE WILL START AT THE BEGINNING OF HIS/HER NEXT ACTIVITY. Going out for a sport for the first time in an obvious attempt to circumvent the rule is not allowed. His/her activity is defined as the next activity in which they have participated or an activity which was begun in the prior IHSA calendar year. 

Violations of the student activity code will be reported to the Activities Committee.  The committee is comprised of the Athletic Director, the Assistant Principal for Student activities and the coach/moderator of the student’s activity as an ex-officio member.

Violations and penalties will be reported to both student and parents.  Students and parents may appeal the decision of the Activities Committee to the Principal.  A request for appeal must be made in writing within five (5) school days of the decision of the Activities Committee.  The decision of the Principal is final.

The Student Activity Code is the minimum requirement for student conduct.  Individual coaches/moderators may adhere to more stringent rules. However, these rules must be written, handed out, and signed by players and parents prior to the start of the sport/activity.

Honor Code/Honesty Policy

One of the more important aspects of the growth and maturation process of a young adult is learning the values of responsibility, honesty, and accountability for one’s actions.  In partnership with parents, MCHS strives to instill these qualities in our students.  As a possible reduction to consequences/penalties associated with violations of handbook policies and the student activity code, students are given the opportunity to come forward and acknowledge violations and mistakes.  With this opportunity, students can notify their parents and the school administration of misconduct.  Taking the initiative to be responsible, honest, and accountable may lead to a reduction of consequences by up to ½ of the prescribed penalty.

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