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The Explorer Club is in need of a chairperson to take the lead in managing the 4/2/16 auction.  Most of the sub-committees have been filled with tasks already underway.  The Explorer Club is looking for a person who can devote time for the next couple of months to act as the main contact for the sub-committees to report their progress and coordinate tasks amongst the various sub-committees.

Contact Joell Aguirre for more details by phone at (618) 225-9231 or by email at

Our next auction planning meeting is Tuesday 1/12 at 6pm in the MCHS cafeteria.

These sub-committees already have chairpersons in place, so most of the work is already covered:

Donation / Records Chair - Receiving items at school and logging donations Mary Kline
Local Solicitations Chair - By phone and In Person Kathy Claywell
Electronic Solicitations Chair - National Online Request Forms Meg Grimaud
Venue Chair - Decorations / Menu / Bar Barb Gable
Baskets Chair - Assembling and Delivery Christine Jones
Gift Certificates Chair - Composing and Printing Patti Morrissey
Treasurer - Track Revenue and Expenses JoLee Seiner
Recorder - Share meeting notes and status updates Needed
Printing Chair - Donation Letter Mailing, Invitations, Thank You Letter, etc TBA
Volunteer Chair - Recruit volunteers and assign tasks for various duties Needed

If you are interested in assisting with the general solicitation efforts for the 2016 Auction or have a business/donor that you would like to be assigned to for donation requests, please contact Meg Grimaud at for access to the Donor Spreadsheet.  This Spreadsheet lists which volunteer is assigned to solicit various businesses for donation requests.

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