Media Center

The Marquette Catholic High School Library Media Center is designed to be a place for quiet research and typing papers.  Students are invited to use the center before school, during their assigned study hall, homeroom, or during a class period when their teacher has excused them.  Students must have a pass from their teacher to use the Media Center.  Seniors are not required to have a pass during early out.  Teachers are also invited to use the Media Center with their classes.  Computer class are also held in the far end of the Media Center.

Other websites that are helpful but do not require a password:  (contains full color physical maps, political maps and key facts on countries of the world)

Our area public libraries are also a great source for reference databases as well as online catalogs.  Students who have library cards at their local libraries may visit them online.  In most cases the library card barcode is the password.  Here are links to the libraries where Marquette students reside:
Alton and Godfrey:  
East Alton:  
Glen Carbon:
Granite City: 
St. Louis: 
St. Louis County: 
Wood River:



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