Student Council

Student Council meeting are held on Tuesdays at 7:45 am in Room 316.

Student Council will be hosting a trivia night for all students on Sunday, January 31st at 4 pm in the gym.  Student tables can have up to 8 people and the cost is $3 a person.  The evening consists of 10 rounds of 10 questions and a cash prize will be given to the winning team.  Drinks are provided, please bring your own snacks.  Tables go on sale all next week during lunch hours.

Student Council Officers
President - Katie Ditman 
Vice President - Megan Grove 
Secretary - Allison Hoefert & Julianne Fears

Class Officers
Senior Class President - Tony Vitale
Junior Class President -  
Sophomore Class President - Regina Guelsthorpe 
Senior Representative 
Junior Representatives 
Brittany Pace  Megan Bunce
Madison Scott  Lauren Heinz
Megan Grove  Hannah Schulz 
Danielle Walsh Anna Dixon 
Elena Gable Alex Prickett 
Andris Pace Katie Begnel 
Carlee Cronin Ginny Schranck 
Caitlyn Hanlon Jordan Rook 
Hannah Collins Megan Hanson
Julianne Fears  Madi Connors
Allyson Wilcox  Danielle Folkerts
Macie Spencer  Cheyanne Dale
Bailey Hartrich  Karoline Lauritzen
Allison Hoefert Adam Sanders
Carly Vitale Anna Boschert
Alex Davis 
Tony Vitale Freshmen Representative
Tommy Morrissey
Emily Holden
Hannah Hazelwonder
Sophomore Representatives
Rebekah Johnes
Lauren Walsh 
Grace Frost 
Johnna Harshbarger 
Andi Davis 
Amanda Murray 
Ikeyah Edwards  
Maya Hutchinson  
Kenzie Hutt  
Keelie Stork  
Peyton Kline
Amarria Mumphard  
Taylor Aguirre  
Regina Guehlstorf  
Noah Fahnestock  
Addy Fleming  
Lila Snider   
Lauren Fischer
Sarah Harnetiaux
Katie Glenn
Tina Duong
Katie Droste
Makayla Cox
Izzie Hallemann
Jennifer Copeland
Adviser:  Beth DeCourcey  
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