National Honor Society

The MCHS National Honor Society lives by the four cardinal principles of the organization: character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Students must have a 3.8 grade point or better to be invited to join the organization. Members must hold firm and true to their commitment to learning and to follow and lead others in the Catholic teachings. Each person in the organization is to shine the light of truth and to lead that others may follow their light, to keep burning in our school high ambition for the enduring values of life and to serve.
Activities: Promotion of School Academics, NHS Induction Ceremony, Alton City Wide Clean UP, Sadie Hawkins Dance, and NHS Rose Morelli Scholarship. 

Katie Ditman - President
Katie Gierer - Vice President
Brianna DeClue - Recording Secretary
Megan Grove - Coordinating Secretary
Shane Nichols - Treasurer
Thomas Morrissey - Bearer of Arms
Trey Aguirre
Lynsey Benne
Nick Berkenbile
Joseph Boevingloh
Shandon Boone
Nathan Brown
Matthew Cook
Kate Costello
Skylar Cox
Carlee Cronin
Alex Davis
Brianna DeClue
Timothy Derrington
Katie Ditman
Becka Fazio
Julianne Fears
Elena Gable
Katie Gierer
Megan Grove
Caitlyn Hanlon
Samantha Harshbarger
Bailey Hartrich
Hannah Hazelwonder
Madison Hockaday
Allison Hoefert
Emily Holden
Adam Johnes
Leah Korte
Maggie Maag
Mallory Maag
Thomas Morrissey
Shane Nichols
Elli Nicholson
Andria Pace
Brittany Pace
Melanie Rau

Lauren Schmickley
Miranda Schroeder
Madison Scott
Macie Spencer
Kacey Taul
Anthony Vitale
Carly Vitale
Danielle Walsh
Lauren Weir
Megan Bell
Annabelle Copeland
Jacob Figueroa
Faith Griffon
Megan Hanson
Brittany Jocobsmeyer
Emma Mattix-Wand
Ryan Hecksel
Karoline Lauritzen
Anna Boschert
Cheyanne Dale
Alexandra Nagy
Merric Meehan
Anna Dixon
Joseph Kuebrich
Danielle Folkerts
Claire Chappee
Claire Dalton
Rachel Grimaud
Mary Wilton
Elisa Senno
Kate Cogan
Brianna Klatch
Amelia Ries
Adam Sanders
Peter Wendle
Allison Peuterbaugh
Virginia Schranck
Jada Pool
Hannah Schulz
Ryan Wickenhauser
Maddie Wiemers
Abby Krieb
Anthony Shepard
Megan Bunce
Marshall Youngblood
Alex Prickett
Tim Harmon
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