Trap is the most popular shotgun shooting sport in America with some 55,000 active shooters that shoot an estimated 82.5 million registered targets per year.  There are three basic types of trapshooting: the 16-yard event, handicap and doubles. 

The team participated in the handicap event. The handicap event is where the shooter stands anywhere from 17 to 27 yards behind the traphouse, depending on his/her previous scores. The better the previous scores, the farther back you are “pushed”.  The trap throws targets that will fly from 48 to 52 yards from the shooter.  Most targets are shot when they are about 30 yards from the shooter.  Targets are thrown at varying angles within a range of 45 degrees to left or right of straightaway.

Coach:  Tom Fleming (Class of 1971)
Asst. Coach:  Brad Elik


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