Welcome Alums! 

We are so happy you are a part of this great family we call Marquette!

We are still here …better than ever and this page is for you!

Here you will find information about fellow classmates, class reunions and just fun stuff happening in the Marquette world.

The new room outside the gym (The Commons) is a great place to have class reunions. Many classes have already had their gathering there and it has worked out great.  For more information on using the Commons, please contact Mr. Bob Baird, Assistant Principal at  Marquette at rbaird@marquettecatholic.org or call 618-463-0580 ext. 225.

Please send all reunion information  to reunion@marquettecatholic.org.

Please send any address changes or updates to Mary Hough at mhough@marquettecatholic.org.

The most recent Marquette Graduate newsletter is posted HERE and is packed with news about Marquette alumni.

Need anything else?  Please email mmiller@marquettecatholic.org  or call 618-463-0585.

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