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ACT Scores Success: Several Marquette students score 30 or better on ACT

posted Mar 21 2017 4:30 PM

Congratulations to these Marquette students who scored 30 or better on the ACT test. A perfect score is 36. Only 5% of all students nationally earn a 30 or higher. 

Danielle Folkerts, Brendan Nickloy, Anna Dixon, Annabelle Copeland, Adam Sanders, Mark Vitali, Ryan Hecksel, Peter Wendle, Faith Griffon, Jacob Figureroa, Cheyanne Dale, Brittany Jacobsmeyers,

Not in Photo:  Megan Handson,  Karoline Lauritzen

Congratulations to the Marquette students that received a 30 or higher in one or more ACT subject areas (English, Math, Science, Reading).

Front Row:  Michael Marturana, Joe Kuebrich, Anthony Shepard, Marshall Youngblood

Back Row:   Alex Prickett, Emily Carter, Brianna Klatch,  Rachel Grimaud, Claire Chappee, Duncan McLain, Konnor Morrissey, Maddie Wiemers, Grace Schwarte, Mary Wilton, Ginny Schranck, Emma Mattix-Wand 

Not in photo:  Kate Cogan 


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