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Area Schools Show Support for Marquette's Zack Hunter

posted Apr 17 2016 1:12 PM

Edwardsville, Jersey, Granite City show support for Marquette's Zack Hunter with T-shirt display

Edwardsville’s boys’ tennis team captured a pair of wins on Thursday in dual play, but that wasn’t what Coach Dave Lipe thought was most important about the matches.

What Lipe enjoyed the most, was watching how all the tennis teams from Edwardsville, Jersey and Granite City did a show of support for Zack Hunter, the Marquette Catholic tennis player, who has been in a coma condition since a Jersey County crash.

“We wore Zack Hunter t-shirts with both of our teams,” Coach Dave Lipe said. “We split our team with Granite City and Jersey. Granite and Jersey also wore the T-shirts and showed their support. All the tennis players and coaches feel a certain kinship to this young man and are thinking about him and his family as he hopefully makes a full recovery.”

“It is always nice to win, but the kids in the T-shirts is a bigger story,” he added. “The kids have learned a sense of compassion for another young man and his family. All the kids at Marquette are suffering and thinking about it. We are glad to offer compassion to it and offer the proceeds from T-shirt sales to help the family.”


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